MistySkin Spinning Ring
MistySkin Spinning Ring
MistySkin Spinning Ring
MistySkin Spinning Ring
MistySkin Spinning Ring

MistySkin Spinning Ring

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Introducing the brand-new Spinning Ring from MistySkin

Imagine being able to ignore your anxiety and boredom, whether you're in a classroom or you're waiting on important news without repeatedly tapping your feet on the ground or fidgeting with objects.  

Now you can peacefully give your brain something to focus on without making an annoying tapping sound nor overthink your thoughts. With our spinning rings, you can expect to relieve your stress and loosen up your muscles by simply just spinning the circular diamond however times you want it.

The spinning ring is one of the best ways to relieve stress when you need to take your mind off something. 

The top diamond part of the ring is rotatable and spins smoothly. This magical, stunning band ring is also a secret fidget toy that helps keep your hands busy and quit the habit of picking or biting nails.

The Spinning ring is so advanced that it can even help you focus 10x more efficiently while working on an important project without constantly playing with your hair and nails.

(Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!Last 3 Days Promotion)Spinning Rings-relieve stress1.1

Not only is the Spinning ring stylish and luxurious it has proven its worth which was to lower stress and fidgeting in a matter of days. We conducted a private study with 15 people who all were affected by ADHD and the habit to always fidget with objects, in our survey almost each and everyone confessed that the number one reason for fidgeting was stress which is primarily caused because of your brain always wanting to be busy hence the nail-biting and the foot tapping. 

This is why we created a spinning ring so that people like you can benefit from relieving stress while looking sleek and stylish.

(Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!Last 3 Days Promotion)Spinning Rings-relieve stress

Free of copper-nickel or lead which can irritate or turn your skin green. This ring is perfect for anxiety & worrying, helping relieve stress and social tension at parties or gatherings.

the diameter size of the ring is 2cm, but they can actually be adjusted to your size, comfort-fit adjustable design, suitable for almost every finger, including teens. Discreet fidget gift for school that will disturb no one.

Mistyskin focuses on design and quality as foundations since the beginning, make an unremitting effort to become a century-old brand. Each ring is handcrafted and designed to perfection and safe to your body.


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